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Frans Hals at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum

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At Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, after the success of the exhibitions of previous months such as Rembrandt and Vermeer, from the 16th of February to the 9th of June comes Frans Hals.

Who was Frans Hals

Frans Hals, considered by some to be second only to Rembrandt, he worked in the Netherlands during the golden age of their painting.

Born in Antwerp between 1582 and 1584, he moved to Haarlem and, at the age of 27, joined one of the most prestigious associations of artists and artisans.

Hals had a rather stormy life, often characterized by economic problems that forced him to take on other jobs beyond his career as a painter.

He was an incredible portraitist and his best-known works include The Banquet of the officers of the Company of Saint George realized in 1616 and the Laughing Cavalier made in 1624.

The banquet of the officers of the Company of Saint George

The exhibtion

The banquet of the officers of the Company of San Giorgio and the Laughing Cavalier will be both at the Rijksmuseum within the exhibition.

The Banquet, hold at the Frans Hals Museum di Haarlem, is goin to be moved from its usual home for the very first time in the history.

The exhibtion will focus on the painter’s style: fifty works – with many international loans – which reconstruct Hals‘ evolution as an artist and which make us understand his value as the main interpreter of the so-called “bourgeois realism”.

His favorite subjects were those he encountered on a daily basis, Hals was an extraordinary observer of the lives of his patrons, the rules, values and traditions of his era.

Thanks to him, we can learn more about it today too.

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