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The exhibitions in Barcelona for 2024

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In Barcelona the exhibitions of 2024 will give you plenty of choice.

The proposals celebrate contemporary art, modern art with its major interpreters and immersive digital art. There are also many initiatives dedicated to Pablo Picasso in the year of his death’s fiftieth anniversary.

Di seguito the exhibtions 2024 in Barcelona which, in our opinion, is worth visiting.

Dragons, Legends of Fire, at Casa Amatller until September 2024

Dragons, Legends of Fire is the temporary exhibition of the new Digital Museum of Casa Amatller dedicated to the dragons of Modernism, with a different vision of the history of Barcelona and its relationship with this fantastic creature.

“Modernist Dragons, Legends of Fire” makes us travel the world through two very powerful audiovisual experiences.

The exhibitions in Barcelona for 2024
Dragons, Legends of Fire at Casa Amatller

Donació Pere Formiguera. La pulsió creativa at the National Museum of Art of Catalunya until the 21st of April 2024

At Museo Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, until April 21, 2024, the exhibition Donació Pere Formiguera. La pulsió creativa: a small format exhibition, presenting a selection of the work of Formiguera, a leading member of the first generation of Spanish artists who adopted photography as a means of artistic expression. The intention is to representatively display some of the works donated by the photographer’s family to the family.

Pere Formiguera Sala, Pixies, 1985. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Fons Pere Formiguera © Pere Formiguera, VEGAP, Barcellona, 2023

MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention, at Museo Macba until mid-2024

At Macba di Barcellona , until mid-2024 Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention . The exhibition relates works acquired in recent years to the existing collection and, at the same time, also includes works for the first time at Macba.

Thus a new story is born: one that contains missing elements and focuses on alternative discourses, common spaces and possible scenarios, in order to question and redefine the relationships between artistic practices and their subjects.

The exhibitions in Barcelona for 2024
MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention

Chagall The color of dreams and the color of dreams at Palau Martorell until March 24th

The exhibition “Marc Chagall. Il colore dei sogni” at Palau Martorell presents a careful selection of over 150 artworks by Marc Chagall spanning his entire artistic career. Some of these works have never been exhibited before in Spain.

Particular attention is given to the Russian and Jewish rites and traditions that Chagall was fond of, his spirituality, his connection with literature and with Paris, the city that welcomed him.

The exhibitions in Barcelona for 2024
Chagall El color dels somnis el color de los suenos at Palau Martorell

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