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Exhibtions in Milano 2024: the five you must see

Mostre a Milano 2024: le cinque imperdibili

Here the exhibitions in Milano in 2024!

Milano ensures a busy and interesting calendar of cultural events: exhibitions of contemporary art, modern art, but also photography and above all design exhibitions.

In this article, we at Artsupp have selected the five exhibitions in Milan in 2024 that are a must see, but if you want to discover all the exhibitions scheduled and underway in Milan, go to and see the complete list of exhibitions in Milan 2024 .

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El Greco at the Palazzo Reale in Milan until 11 February 2024 – extended until 25 February

At Palazzo Reale in Milan, from11th October until the 25th of February there is El Greco.

The exhibition, exceptional example of collaboration between Italian and European cultural institutions, present 40 artworks made by the Cretan artist and numerous international loans.

The exhibition unfolds along an exhibition path that traces the link between El Greco and the places where he lived and worked throughout his life. In parallel, the theme of the labyrinth set in the Mediterranean between Rome and Venice will be developed.

Exhibtions in Milano 2024: the five you must see
Saint Francis kneeling in meditation, El Greco

Goya la ribellione della ragione a Palazzo Reale until Marche 3rd 2024

From 31st october 2023 to 3rd march 2024Palazzo Reale in Milano hosts the exhibition ’Goya. The rebellion of reason”. This is an important opportunity to discover the entire artistic journey of Goya.

Through the seven thematic sections into which the exhibition is divided, it will be possible to discover how the artist was able to transform painting into a revolutionary language, capable of breaking both with the rules and established plastic systems and with the imitation of models.

Exhibtions in Milano 2024: the five you must see
The mental hospital, Francisco Goya

Bar Stories on Camera at Galleria Campari until April 30 2024

Galleria Campari presents Bar Stories on Camer until the April 30 2024. The exhibition presents 90 photos from the 30’s to the beginning of the 2000’s which tell the world of the bar through 48 images fromArchivio Storico Galleria Campari and 42 shots by 24 international photographers from the Magnum Photos agency, including Robert Capa, Elliott Erwitt, Martin Parr and Ferdinando Scianna.

Exhibtions in Milano 2024: the five you must see
Bathhouse, Campari advertising.

Rodin e la danza al Mudec in Milan until the 10th of March 2024

At Mudec you can find the exhibition Rodin e la danza realized together with the Museo Rodin in Paris that for the exhibition lent 53 artworks : Rodin and the dance tells the charm and creative imprinting that dance had on Auguste Rodin and vice versa.

Rodin dedicated a series of unforgettable artworks to this passion in which he experienced the liberation of movement. The set of experimental sculptures and drawings known as the Mouvements de danse was born, created in 1911, which represents the extreme synthesis of his research on dance.

Dance movement A with head of Slavic Woman Auguste Rodin 1911 Terracotta

Open Studio #2 LA NEGAZIONE DELLA FORMA at Fondazione Pomodoro until May 19th 2024

Until May 2024 the exhibition La negazione della forma. Arnaldo Pomodoro between minimalism and counterculture, puts the spotlight on the five-year period 1966-1970, a season of great liveliness and interest. These are Pomodoro‘s “American years” during which the artist develops an unprecedented formal experimentation, influenced by phenomena such as minimalism, and participates as a protagonist in counterculture initiatives, which intend to open up new spaces of political and cultural practice

Vuoto Pieno III Arnaldo Pomodoro 1968 – 69 Fiberglass verniciato e plexiglas

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