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Exhibitions in Naples: which ones to see in 2024


Napolipresents the program of exhibition in 2024.

Naples , which as mentioned offers a rich cultural offer, inauguratescontemporary art, modern art exhibtion and antique art with great masters of ‘600, Caravaggio is one of them.

Caravaggio’s success continues with the exhibition in Capodimonte, but if you want to discover all the other exhibitions scheduled and currently ongoing in Naples, go to and see the complete list of exhibitions in Naples 2024.

Mario Amura Napoli Explosion at Capodimonte until the 1st of April 2024

The exhibition that can be visited until the 1st of April, titledMario Amura Napoli Explosion presents, at Museo Capodimonte, 37 artworks shot by the photographer and visual artist Mario Amura who immortalizes the fireworks celebration that Naples stages around Vesuvius on New Year’s Eve.

Mario Amura Napoli Explosion

Ninì Sgambati/Paolo Puddu Detto tra le righe at Madre until the 26th of February

Ninì Sgambati/Paolo Puddu. Detto tra le righe is at Madre in Naples until the 26th of February 2024.

Ninì Sgambati and Paolo Puddu they have reinterpreted the very definition of the archive, understood here as a context of interaction between contrasting and perpetually ongoing forces in the processes of transmission of knowledge and thought.

Ninì Sgambati/Paolo Puddu Detto tra le righe

L’ombra dell’albero at Madre until the 6th March 2024

L’ombra dell’albero is a film festival which, at the Madre in Naples, presents works by artists originating from the Mediterranean MENA region (Middle-East / North Africa).

The title refers to a verse by the Lebanese poet Bassam Hajar which evokes, in a circular epigram, concepts of displacement and disappearance by referring to the metaphor of the tree, a central element of the geological and cultural topography of the region, where cypresses and olive trees represent the meaning of rooting and exile.

Place of Power III Francesco Clemente 1989 Pigment on canvas

House of the lobster di Philip Colbert at MANN Museo archeologico in Naples until the 1st of April 2024

Philip Colbert is at MANN in Naples with the exhibtion House of the lobster.

Colbert in his work powerfully explores patterns in contemporary digital culture, and his obsession with the lobster is rooted in the historical symbolism that the lobster embodies in art, language, and time. In HOUSE OF THE LOBSTER, Colbert pays homage to the roots of lobster mythology through a fascinating series of works inspired by the Museum’s collection of mosaics from Pompeii.

Philip Colbert House of the lobster

Homage to Domenico Morelli at the Royal Palace of Naples until 13 February 2024

The exhibition Omaggio a Domenico Morelli, at Palazzo Reale, returns the right tribute to his figure, his art and his genius, offering Naples the possibility of celebrating the anniversary of the birth of its greatest painter.

Nine contemporary figurative artists are called to compare his production, creating a dialogue between ancient and modern.

Tribute to Domenico Morelli

Maurizio Esposito Vesuvio, 11 July 2017 at Mann until February 19, 2024

MANN – Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli exhibits until February 19th Maurizio Esposito Vesuvio, 11 July 2017.

The exhibition Vesuvio, 11 July 2017is a photographic project created on the slopes of Vesuvius in the aftermath of the 2017 fire which crushed and destroyed numerous hectares of the volcano’s wooded landscape.

Maurizio Esposito no title

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