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Best exhibitions 2024 in Berlin

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Do you want to find out the exhibitions in Berlin 2024?

Here is a short list with some of the must see exhibitions in Berlin in 2024.

Berlin is one of the cities in Europe that offers the most from an artistic point of view: here is also the Museum Island which houses the main museums of the city.

In Berlin you can visit exhibitions of modern art, graphics, classical art.

Josephine Baker. Icon in Motion alla Neue Nationalgalerie until May 1st 2025

The Neue Nationalgalerie di Berlino celebrates, one hundred years after her birth, Josephine Baker, French-born American singer, dancer, soldier and activist, with the exhibition Josephine Baker Icon in Motion.

The Neue Nationalgalerie created an exhibition of Josephine Baker’s artistic work in dance, music, film and other disciplines and her inspiring role not only as an artist, but also as a resistance fighter, civil rights activist and transformative cultural figure.

Lee Ufan meets Rembrandt alla Gemälderie until April the 28th, 2024

In collaboration with Hamburger BahnhofNationalgalerie der Gegenwart, the Gemäldegalerie presents in the Rembrandt Room, the intervention of the Korean artist Lee Ufan withLee Ufan meets Rembrandt.

Considered an important supporter of post-war global art, his sculptures all bear the same title: Relatum or “relationship”, the one that the artist tries to establish thanks above all to the materials he uses. In the sculpture presented in the Rembrandt Room, entitled Relatum – The Position 1, Lee compares industrially produced material such as steel with the natural qualities of stone.

Best exhibitions 2024 in Berlin
Lee Ufan meets Rembrandt at the Gemälderie

Emma Talbot In the End, the Beginning at the Kesselhaus Kindl in Berlin until the 26th of May 2024

At theKesselhaus Kindlin Berlin arrivesEmma Talbot, British artist born in 1969, with the exhibtion In the End, the Beginning.

In her paintings , drawings, sculpture and installations, the artist explores existential questions. In Kesselhaus, she has developed a site-specific installation composed of silk paintings, sculptural complexes and suspended objects, in which archaic voices are brought to life: Furies, sirens, oracles, witches and spirits warn of the environmental and political disasters of our present.

They tell a story of toxicity and healing and point to alternatives that make a positive future conceivable.

Emma Talbot, Kesselhaus Berlin

Ernst Wilhem Nay e André Masson Mythos und Massaker Malla Collezione Scharf – Gerstenberg until the 28th of April 2024

The exhibition Ernst Wilhem Nay e André Masson at the Collezione Scharf-Gerstenberg in Berlin is dedicated, for the very first time, to the relationship between the French surrealistic artist André Masson and the Berline Ernst Wilhelm Nay, whose art became the hallmark of abstract modernism in post-war West Germany.

Ernst Wilhem Nay and André Masson Mythos und Massaker

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