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Danilo Maestosi is at the Andersen Museum.

Picture of Artsupp
Danilo Maestosi al Museo Christian Andersen

From September 30th to Ocotber 29th , at Museo Christian Andersen in Rome, opens to the public the exhibition Danilo Maestosi.Le tele di Penelope. Free-form score in 5 movements.

The exhibition will include 35 artworls and Penelope will be represented by the painting.

Just as the female character in the Odyssey weaves and unstitches her infinite canvas, Danilo Maestosi at the Christian Andersen Museum tries to demolish our prisons with painting and imagines a possible future by undoing and seeking new forms.

Useful info about Danilo Maestosi Le Tele di Penelope

Opening day: September 30th

Opening: the opening of the exhibition will be held on September 29th from 5pm to 7pm at the museum.

Hours: 9.30 – 19.30 (last entry 19.00)

Ticket price: Free entry

Danilo Maestosi is at the Andersen Museum.
Danilo Maestosi Le tele di Penelope

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