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Onirika. Tehe exhibition at Palazzo Merulana

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Onirika. La mostra a Palazzo Merulana

Palazzo Merulana opens Onirika from 29th of September to January 14 2024.

Onirika is built arond nine main topics, Music, le Masks, Rome, Cardinals, i Contorsionists, Mermaids, Mannequins and dismembered bodies, Death, Metamorphosis, following the chronological order of generations only within each topic.

In Onirika you will find the artistic heritage donated by the Bonichi family, protagonists in this field for three generations.

Useful information about Onirika at Palazzo Merulana

Openind day : September 29th

Opening: The opening of the exhibition will be held at 6pm on September 28th.
Hours: 12:00 – 20:00
Ticket’s price: 12 euro full.

Onirika. Tehe exhibition at Palazzo Merulana
Palazzo Merulana

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