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New Artsupp is online

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The platform that allows you to discover Italian cultural institutions with a single and easy platform

Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, Tripadvisor, Airbnb with million of users have become leaders in their fields and we want to make Artsupp the reference portal for national and international art institutions and audiences.

The Italian cultural heritage is characterized for its widespread availability representing a potentially wide and varied offer for the art public. Anyway online, this situation turns into a strong fragmented information , sometimes chaotic and incomplete, or even absent.

Artsupp online

From an idea of ​​the two founders, Jacopo Magrini and Riccardo Paparella and from direct comparison with hundreds of institutions throughout Italy, Artsupp was born in June 2018. It is the first aggregator of information about cultural offers, capable of centralizing the institutions, their exhibition activities, events and their collections on a single platform.

Around 1⁄3 of Italian Institutions joined two years later the launch (24 among the 50 most visited MIBACT Musuems) and the amount of users keeps growing, making Artsupp the research platform about Cultural Sites most complete in the national panorama, it allows the users to get information, discover new realities and stay updated about what’s new.

Today, 3 years later, the first update of the website is released online, renewed to make the service even more usable and effective.

Artsupp Artworks online

Artsupp remains free both for cultural institutions that decide to join and for users.

All the interventions were carried out thanks to the funds of the Operational Program co-financed by the FESR which the Regione Lazio has allocated to contribute to the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy. This has allowed us to grow quickly also in terms of staff, in such a difficult time for everyone.

Today 30% of the portal’s traffic comes from foreign users thanks to the contents in English, which is why we are convinced that the time has come to propose the innovative Artsupp model on the European and international market, where an equivalent reality does not yet exist .

There are more than 1700 Italian art places on the platform. Among these, there are now more than 700 companies that have joined the project and become partners: they provide the available content themselves, their profile is constantly updated with scheduled exhibitions and events and with high-resolution images of the spaces and artworks on display. Therefore, users access only official information .

La Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Profile of the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome

Museums that are not yet partners are present with only the basic information for the visit. This choice is due to the desire to offer a service that is as complete as possible: in fact, is above all a useful research tool for systematically get information about the cultural offerings of your territory or the place you are visiting. Navigation, easy and for everyone, aims to transform the virtual user into a real visitor.

Museums and exhibtions in Torino Artsupp is an inclusive project: there are still many smaller Italian museums, with less online resonance, often unknown and cut off from traditional tourist circuits. Artsupp provides them a web space for free , specifically designed to enhance interaction and communication with the public.

The distance between museums and the public is further shortened thanks to the presence of the blog, where is possible to read articles written directly by the teams of cultural institutions. This service is the first step towards an important goal: giving museums the opportunity to independently insert updates that concern them. To encourage this aspect, the internal management of the site has already been designed to be intuitive and accessible to everyone.

The more Artsupp grows, the more it works: the gaze towards the future is constant and productive, there are already many ideas ready to be developed. The main hope is to achieve them all, with the same enthusiasm and commitment used daily in the last three years.

Artsupp the new museum portal
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