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The new in officially online

Picture of Artsupp

6 years after its first launch, after having gathered support from artistic institutions throughout Italy and important international museums, Artsupp is completely renewed with new features and a brand new design.

With more than 1000 active accounts of museums and cultural institutions sharing daily new contents, Artsupp has become the most complete platform to easily look around museums, exhibitions and find out the most interesting events in the cities or in the places you decide to visit.

What’s new?

Many new tools to discover the cultural offer around us.

For instance, the map navigation and new filters to change search categories.

Who has an account on Artsupp can now save and share with friends the exhibitions and the events to visit. You can follow your favorite artists and easily discover new exhibitions dedicated to them.

Browsing Artsupp will be an increasingly personalized experience where you can find what interests you and at the same time discover lesser-known new features.

It’s not all! We asked users: What would you like to do with Artsupp?

Many have told us that they want to buy tickets for exhibitions and museums.

For this reason Artsupp trasform itself and become a place where users can also buy online museums’ tickets and of the artistic museums on the platform.

How? Thanks to a new ticketing system.

Developed together with some museum partners, we have created a flexible and dynamic ticketing system, designed for the needs of the world of art and culture.

The ticket becomes digital and frees itself from the cage of the full or reduced ticket to offer a personalized and always new experience.

Museums’ teams can create online new tickets without the support of technicians, propose combined entrances in collaboration with other museums, as long as they have an account on the platform. We call them visiting experiences.

A new tool to enrich visitors’ experience who can purchase their tickets, in electronic format, directly on and receive them conveniently on their devices while they find out about the cultural offer via a single platform.

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