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The exhibitions not to be missed in Bologna in 2024


In Bologna, nel 2024, puoi visitare tante mostre interessanti.

In this article you will find a short selection of the exhibitions, in our opinion not to be missed in Bologna in 2024.

If you want to discover all the exhibitions scheduled and ongoing in Bologna, go to and see the complete list of exhibitions in Bologna 2024.

Concetto Pozzati XXL at Palazzo Fava – Palazzo delle Esposizioni until the 11th February 2024

Until the 11th of February 2024 in Palazzo Fava. Palazzo delle Esposizioni is exhibited Concetto Pozzati XXL, first anthological exhibition of the artist held in a museum after his death.

Concetto Pozzati XXL it is a non-chronological journey but divided by themes, a dialogue between the painter’s paintings, the frescoes and the architectural and decorative elements of Palazzo Fava. The artworks chosen for this exhibition span the main phases of his career.

The exhibitions not to be missed in Bologna in 2024
Concetto Pozzati XXL

Sharks and Abysses at Palazzo Pallavicini until 30 June 2024

On saturday 10 February, at Palazzo Pallavicini, the exhibition Sharks and the abyss, perfect predators in an alien land with more than 60 specimens of animals. It is a unique opportunity to discover the secret of the perfection of sharks, creatures that have overcome great extinctions and evolutionary challenges, without ever losing their deadly power.

Sharks and abyss, Palazzo Pallavicini

From matter to light until the Lercaro Collection on 18 February 2024

The Raccolta Lercaro di Bologna exhibits Dalla materia la luce: an artistic project that explores the theme of mosaic investigated as a place of transformation: Light, movement, matter, time, color: ancient mosaic art makes the categories of physical research its own.

The exhibitions not to be missed in Bologna in 2024
Raccolta Lercaro in Bologna

Carlotta Gargalli A Bolognese painter in Canova’s Rome at the 19th century Museum in Bologna until 25 February 2024

The Museo Ottocento Bologna turns the spotlight on the figure of Carlotta Gargalli, the first woman to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna at the end of the “century of Enlightenment”.

The exhibitions not to be missed in Bologna in 2024
Carlotta Gargalli A painter from Bologna in Canova’s Rome at the 19th century Museum

Fantastic Beasts The Garden of Wonders at Palazzo Albergati until 5 May 2024

Palazzo Albergati a Bolognaexhibits “Animali Fantastici, much more than an exhibition: a new frontier of entertainment, in which animals, art, magic, fun and dreams come together. The museum is transformed into an immense open space, in which animals find their ideal habitat, welcoming everyone, adults and children, art experts and the curious.

The exhibitions not to be missed in Bologna in 2024
Leone with child II Nicola Pucci 2022 Oil on canvas

Lucia Bubilda Nanni Orami at the Raccolta Lercaro in Bologna until February 25, 2024

Raccolta Lercaro within ART CITY Bologna 2024 and Arte Fiera, opens on 25 january the exhibition ORAMA, personal exhibition by Lucia Bubilda Nanni, on view until 25 February 2024.

The word ORAMA wants to make us reflect on how to consciously see what surrounds us it is necessary to also explore the direction of things, the shadow.

The artist concretizes this reflection with an impressive installation of more than two hundred and fifty portraits in which the visitor is invited to enter to find himself observed.

ORAMA Lucia Bubilda Nanni

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