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Now there is one more reason to go to the museum

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The Artsupp Card is here. It allows anyone, wherever they are to access museums with prices ‘ reductions and many other advantages.

Now there is one more reason to go to the museum: the Artsupp Card allow you to visit the museums on with discounts and reductions.

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Why the Artsupp Card?

On are hosted thousand museums, Italian and European, with their own free account on Artsupp where they share exhibitions, events and collections’ artworks on a daily basis.

Artsupp makes available online to its users a wide, complete cultural offer in five different languages.

For this reason, more and more are using Artsupp to decide their cultural destination or choose which museum or exhibition to visit.

Artsupp Card: how it works

On these premises, we have created the Artsupp Card.

The The Artsupp Card can be purchased on at 9.99 euros and entitles you to one year discounts and advantages to access all those museums that decide to join, for free, the Card circuit. our goal is to entice more and more users to become real visitors.

It is a cultural service that goes beyond the idea of ​​granting discounts to specific categories of people, whether young or old, teachers or professionals in the sector and transversally extends small benefits to anyone, wherever they are.

With the Artsupp Card it is possible to visit museums throughout Italy and soon, also museums in other European countries. Even when travelling, it will be easier to visit museums with the new Card.

We believe that small benefits can be a great incentive to ensure that places of culture are visited more often and that access to culture is easier for people of all ages and categories.

Artsupp users can buy the Card directly online: presenting it at affiliated museums and cultural institutions, they will be able to access with discounts or reductions. These are valid not only on the entrance ticket but also for lots other services such as temporary and permanent exhibitions, bookshops or collections.

The Museums and Institutions already subscribed to the Artsupp Card are already more than one hundred and seventy and we hope they will continue to increase. This will allow us to maintain Artsupp free for institutions and users, but above all to transform the first digital network of museums into a physical place of experience and exchange of the international art public.

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