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Impressionists in Rome, on display at the Historical Infantry Museum

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The Historical Infantry Museum hosts, from the 30th March to 28th July 2024, the exhibition Impressionists The dawn of modernity which, 150 years after the birth of Impressionism, brings 160 original artworks to Rome, many of which have never been exhibited.

Private collections on exhibition

The exhibition focuses in particular on the crucial role of private collecting in the diffusion of the artistic movement.

Thanks to the artworks included in the exhibition, coming from loans from private collectors and often considered – erroneously – minor, visitors will be able to better understand the evolution and path of the artists and of Impressionism as an artistic current.

Pierre Franc Lamy Coquette

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Why was private collecting so important for Impressionism?

Private collecting became essential to the success of Impressionism, as it encouraged its development and preservation from the beginning.

The impressionist debut, with the first exhibition organized by the photographer Nadar in Paris, brought together 31 artists but – among the sector public – was not appreciated at all.

On the contrary, private collectors immediately understood the greatness of the works they found before them and encouraged their circulation both in France and in Italy, where the equally criticized Macchiaioli movement was developing.

Eugene Vincent Vidal, Paysage des environs de nemours

Not just impressionists

It is interesting to consider a further aspect in the role played by collectors: Macchiaioli and Impressionists were fascinated by Japanese art, in particular the prints which, from 1860 onwards, also began to circulate in Europe.

Japanese art was favored by the growing interest of private collecting, which thus gave a new impetus, with new stimuli and fascinations, to Italian artists and those from beyond the Alps.

There are numerous works by the Impressionists in which strong references to Japanese art can be traced such as the use of bright colors, the representation of everyday scenes, and the attention to natural details that were characteristic of Japanese art, but also the techniques .

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