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Christmas exhibitions to visit

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Christmas is around the corner and with it also the Christmas exhibitions!

The holidays are an opportunity for art lovers, and not only, to visit that exhibition that has been planned for some time. To help you in your choice, here are some tips on the Christmas exhibitions to visit.

Antonio Canova and neoclassicism in Lucca at the Cavallerizza di Lucca until 29 September 2024

At the Cavallerizza di Lucca, are exhibited 30 artworks by Antonio Canova within the exhibition Antonio Canova and the neoclassicism in Lucca among sculptures and paintings, loaned by the Museo Gypsotheca Antonio Canova in Possagno and from prestigious public and private collections.

An evocative journey with over 100 artworks from Canova to the most famous international exponents such as Francisco Goya and Francesco Hayez.

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Christmas exhibitions to visit
Antonio Canova and the neoclassicism in Lucca

Pygmalion’s touch. Rubens and sculpture in Rome at Galleria Borghese until 18 February 2024

AtGalleria Borghese in Rome, until February 18th you can find the exhibition Pygmalion’s touch. Rubens and sculpture in Rome. Galleria Borghese inaugurates the second stage of RUBENS! The birth of a European painting, a huge project realized together with Fondazione Palazzo Te and Palazzo Ducale in Mantua.

On display are the relationships between Italian culture and Europe through the eyes of Rubens together with a broader research by the Gallery dedicated to the moments in which Rome was, at the beginning of the seventeenth century, a cosmopolitan city.

Christmas exhibitions to visit
Pygmalion’s touch. Rubens and Sculpture in Rome. Galleria Borghese

Escher at Palazzo Bonaparte until April the 1st 2024

The ESCHER exhibition in Rome is an exceptional event which presents to the public, in addition to his most famous masterpieces, also numerous new works never exhibited before.

An anthology of around 300 artworks which includes the now iconic Hand with reflecting sphere, Bond of Union, Metamorphosis II, Day and Night, the famous Emblemata series, and many others.

Christmas exhibitions to visit

Michelangelo Pistoletto Molti di uno at Castello di Rivoli until 25 February 2024

Michelangelo Pistoletto is at Castello di Rivoli until the 25th of February 2024.

The project of the artist Molti di uno reinvents the orthogonal architecture of the Manica Lunga transforming it into an astonishing harmonious tangle, an irregular and free urban device through which to collect and reread all his art in a gigantic self-portrait that functions like the map of a City ideal of the future.

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Christmas exhibitions to visit
L’Etrusco Michelangelo Pistoletto 1976

Don McCullin at Palazzo Esposizioni Roma until 28th of January 2024

The exhibtion Don McCullin in Rome at Palazzo Esposizioni, presents the most important retrospective ever held so far, dedicated to the internationally renowned British photographer Don McCullin, the firdt exhibtion which exhaustively collects the different phases of his work, up to photos more recent in which, in a surprising overall vision, the author summarizes his most radical experiences.

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Christmas exhibitions to visit
Don McCullin in Rome

Goya La ribellione della ragione at Palazzo Reale in Milan until March 3rd 2024

Until March 3rd 2024, Palazzo Reale hosts the exhibition ‘’Goya. La ribellione della ragione’’, opportunity to discover the entire artistic path of the Spanish master developed over a long historical period, full of changes and political, social and ideological events that began a new era of history.

Christmas exhibitions to visit
Goya. La ribellione della ragione

Anish Kapoor. Untrue Unreal at Palazzo Strozzi until the 4th of February 2024

Until the 4th of February 2024, at Palazzo Strozzi there is Anish Kapoor. Untrue Unreal, a great exhibition conceived and created together with the famous master. The exhibition offers a journey through monumental installations, intimate environments and disturbing forms, creating an original and engaging dialogue between the art of Anish Kapoor, the architecture and the public of Palazzo Strozzi.

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Christmas exhibitions to visit
Anish Kapoor Unreal Untrue

Alphonse Mucha The seduction of Art Nouveau at the Museo degli Innocenti in Florence until 7 April 2024

Until April 7th 2024 the Museum of Innocenti hosts the first exhibition in Florence dedicated to Alphonse Mucha, titled Alphonse Mucha La seduzione dell’Art Nouveau. Mucha considered the most important Czech artist, father of Art Nouveau and creator of iconic images.

Christmas exhibitions to visit
Alphonse Mucha La seduzione dell’Art Nouveau

Rodin e la danza al Mudec in Milan until the 10th of March 2024

The exhibition Rodin e la danza that Mudecpresents to the public until the 10th of March 2024 created in collaboration with the Rodin Museum in Paris from which 53 artworks come.

The exhibition tells the story of the fascination and very strong creative imprint that dance had on the artistic genius of Auguste Rodin.

Christmas exhibitions to visit
Dance movement A with head of Slavic Woman Auguste Rodin 1911 Terracotta

The magical world of Tim Burton at the Turin Cinema Museum until 7 April 2024

The Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino presents IL MONDO DI TIM BURTON, the exhibition dedicated to the creative genius of Tim Burton, set up at the Mole Antonelliana.

A journey into the visionary universe and creativity of Tim Burton. The exhibition retraces Burton’s footsteps and the evolution of his singular visual imagination as a multidimensional postmodern artist, in a sort of autobiography told through his limitless creative process.

Christmas exhibitions to visit
The Magical World of Tim Burton, Turin Cinema Museum

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