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Anish Kapoor at Palazzo Strozzi with Untrue Unreal

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Anish Kapoor a Palazzo Strozzi con Untrue Unreal

Anish Kapoor will be on exhibition in Florence, at Palazzo Strozzi, starting the 7th of October 2023 with Anish Kapoor. Untrue Unreal.

The exhibition, that sees at its core one of the contemporary artist more influent, will develop trough the rooms of the Florentine Renaissance palace.

Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor is born in Mumbai in 1954 but he movesdto London, for study reasons, starting from the mid-70s.

Today he lives between the English capital and Venice where restoration artworka are underway on Palazzo Manfrin, where his foundation will be opened.

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Anish Kapoor Untrue. Unreal

Anish Kapoor Untrue. Unreal will include both historic artworks both more recent ones, such as a new group created to dialogue with the Reinassance courtyard’s architecture.

The exhibition, opening on 7th of October, represents a direct channel with the art of Anish Kapoor in all its many aspects.

In Anish Kapoor’s art, the unrealcorrisponding to the “unreal is mixing with the unlikely called “untrue” , transforming or denying the common perception of reality.

Anish Kapoor in Florence invites the viewer to explore a world in which the boundaries between true and false dissolve, opening the doors to the dimension of the impossible.

Anish Kapoor is able to melt together empty and full spaces, absorbent and reflective surfaces, geometric and natural shapes. In a world where reality seems increasingly elusive and manipulable, Anish Kapoor challenges us to seek the truth beyond appearances, inviting us to explore the territory of the unlikely and unreal, the untrue and the unreal.

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