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Paratissima 2023 arrives in Turino

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Paratissima 2023 is just around the corner.

Turin is getting ready to celebrate its XIX edition, for the last year guest of the spaces of the Cavallerizza Complex, in the heart of the city, from tomorrow 1 November until 5 November 2023.

For the 2023 edition we’re happy to share that Artsupp is Media Partner of Paratissima.

Paratissima: what is it?

Paratissima was born in 2005 as a parallel manifestation of Artissima.

Over the course of these years, Paratissima has been hosted in various places and has often changed form, themes and artists, involving an increasingly wider, international and heterogeneous audience and collaborating with both private and public entities.

Paratissima, with the passing of the years and success as a guarantee, is now a real brand capable of organizing and hosting exhibitions of international importance.

Nowadays it is one of the most important art events, ranking on the podium among the most visited in Italy.

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Paratissima 2023 arrives in Turino
Eye Contact, Paratissima 2023

For Paratissima 2023, the theme is “Eye Contact – Match with Art”, which can be translated into Italian as “Visual Contact”.

This is an invitation to the public to convert the visual contact that is generally established between two people, into a contact between person and work of art.

Paratissima 2023 is at Cavallerizza spaces

The exhibition aims to put the viewer in a position to concentrate only on the sight, on the gaze.

Looks take on infinite meanings and hide intentions, desires or perplexities. We no longer pay attention to words, simple accessories, but only to the exchange of glances, connections, emotions and energies.

Paratissima 2023 arrives in Turino
Greg Goya, the fear of other people’s judgement, photo Paratissima

On the occasion of this year’s edition, Paratissima reopens all the spaces of the Cavallerizza.

Over the 5 days of the fair, scheduled according to the program, more than 400 artists will take turns divided into 10 exhibitions, plus a new section on the 3rd floor of the Cavallerizza.

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